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Why Made in the USA Matters.

Friday, September 16th, 2016

“Made in the USA” is more than a catchy slogan. It’s about supporting American jobs, factories, and the environment.

For the sports flooring companies that produce their products outside of the U.S., offshoring is all about making a larger profit through the exploitation of dirt-cheap labor. It’s very rare that product quality, corrupt political systems, human rights, or horrific environmental costs are ever considered when exporting manufacturing overseas. Not to mention consideration of the cost to U.S. economy by exporting not only jobs but also the closing of our factories right here in our hometowns.

All SnapSports Athletic Surfaces are made in the USA

SnapSports is a family run company. We design, engineer, manufacture, and ship all of our modular sports flooring products from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are honored to support the local economy by providing well-paying jobs to more than 125 employees and to support an even larger dealer network.

Through our “keeping it green” initiative we’re deeply committed to the environment. As a result, SnapSports meets California environmental standards for manufacturing and residential installation. And since we don’t ship our entire product line across the pacific, we drastically reduce our potential carbon footprint.

Quality and value are what drives us. We make our flooring in our factory; a third party overseas vendor does not manufacture it. Therefore, we directly control the quality of our products. Because of our management system, commitment to manufacturing high-quality products, and excellent customer service, we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The quality and value of our flooring are why so many top names in athletics, like the NBA and AUU, choose to use our floors.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing Chosen for Inaugural Japanese NBL All-Star Games in Tokyo

Friday, January 10th, 2014

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing was the flooring of choice for the Japanese National Basketball League (NBL) as they hosted their Inaugural All-Star Games December 29th in Tokyo, Japan. Six events took place on SnapSports® multi-patented Indoor ShockTower® basketball surfacing, beginning with the Japanese Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Exhibition and finishing with the premier of the NBL All-Star Game. High energy Slam dunk, 3-point, and 3 on 3 contests were also held to the delight of the 4,000+ fans in attendance.

The National Basketball League, in its first year in Japan, is composed of 12 teams divided into Eastern and Western conferences. A National Basketball Development league is also in place, with 9 teams competing. Together the two hope to increase the popularity of basketball in Japan, becoming the third major sport, alongside baseball and football.

“With the high standards required by the NBL, we were thrilled to see SnapSports athletic surfaces chosen for the NBL All-Stars Games this year in Tokyo. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying the top rated safe play and performance courts to the world over,”
~ Jorgen Moller – CEO, SnapSports

SnapSports is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of backyard courts and indoor multi-sport surfaces. SnapSports multi-patented products are engineered with safety and performance in mind, to deliver superior traction, consistent ball response, and unmatched shock absorption. SnapSports patented ShockTower® Shock Absorption Technology eases the impact on players’ joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come. SnapSports floors are engineered to withstand competition at the highest levels, making them the top choice of coaches, athletes and facility directors worldwide.

Based in Salt Lake City, the team at SnapSports® have been engineering, manufacturing, and providing the world’s leading outdoor multi-courts, basketball courts and indoor sport surfaces for nearly four decades. As the pioneers of the modular sports surfacing industry, the SnapSports team continues to develop the most advanced, multi-patented, modular sport surfacing and game courts for top athletes and families all over the world. With unparalleled experience and a high performance product line, SnapSports is the industry’s undisputed champion. SnapSports manufactures in their 150,000+ square foot, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified facility, operating 24×7 and supported by an authorized global network of dealers.

SnapSports® Official Sports Flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

USA Team Handball

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces is the official flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships, to be held May 17-19 at the Reno-Spark Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. SnapSports multi-patented sports surfacing is the preferred tournament surfacing of USA Team Handball and the top performing sports flooring in the industry.

The USATH 2013 Club National Championship is the largest annual Handball competition in the country. Teams from across the nation will diverge on Reno to participate in this championship tournament during the course of which, the best among them will be decided. The athletes will play at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on over 30K square feet of SnapSports multi-patented Revolution ShockTower® surfacing.

“Our Partnership with SnapSports has allowed USATH to grow both in popularity and organizationally. We have had the opportunity to work with other modular floor companies, but we chose SnapSports… their products have outperformed our expectations and we prefer their surfacing over others in the industry.”
~ Jeffrey Utz – President – USATH. USA Team Handball

SnapSports multi-patented Athletic Surfacing, the official surface provider for USA Team Handball, is the top rated sports flooring in the industry. Engineered specifically with safety and performance in mind, SnapSports products offer unmatched durability and traction while featuring superior shock absorption using the patented ShockTower® technology.

“SnapSports enjoys the continued opportunity to be the Official Surfacing Partner of USA Team Handball. Our multi-patented products provide the traction and control that are crucial elements in the sport of Handball. SnapSports surfacing ensures player safety and keeps athletes performing at their peak.”
~ Jorgen Moller – CEO, SnapSports Inc.

SnapSports® Is The Official Sports Flooring for AAU ‘Jam On It’ Las Vegas Desert Jam 2013

Friday, May 10th, 2013

AAU Jam On It Las Vegas Desert Jam 2013

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing is the official sports flooring of AAU Jam On It’s Las Vegas Desert Jam Tournament, set to take place at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy, May 11-12, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This AAU Jam On It tournament will showcase boys and girl’s teams, grades 4th – 12th, playing in this Southern Nevada Qualifying Basketball Tournament Series for the West Coast National Championships held in Las Vegas, July 18-21, 2013. The event will include a mix of teams, both local and out of town, and all teams participating in this series will receive a three game guarantee, with trophies and medals being awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing, is the top rated modular sport flooring in the industry. The multi-patented BounceBack® surface offers superior traction and durability, while the multi-patented ShockTower® technology uses an understructure composed of sixteen individual shock absorbers to offer superior shock absorption, easing the impact on players joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come.

“Our athletes love playing on SnapSports athletic surfacing. Teams can play upwards of a dozen times during an event and with the incredible structural support and “cush” of ShockTower, the players are never fatigued from floor impacts.”
~ Matt Williams – CEO, AAU Jam On It

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces Officially Recognized and Certified by International Handball Federation

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

SnapSports®, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sport surfaces, and official flooring of USA Team Handball, has been officially recognized and approved by the International Handball Federation. The administrative and controlling body for International Team Handball has certified SnapSports surfacing as meeting international and IHF standards.

Handball, a team sport formed at the end of the 19th century, pits two teams of seven players against each other, with the purpose of scoring in the opposing team’s goal. Handball games are played primarily in indoor sport facilities, on indoor sport surfacing. Formed in 1946, the International Handball Federation has been the organizing body of Championship Handball play since the end of World War II. The IHF is composed of approximately 795,000 teams and 19 million players worldwide.

“We’re excited to be recognized by the IHF, the world governing body for team handball, as a supplier of quality sports flooring. This new approval will greatly impact our sales and marketing efforts in the many markets outside the U.S. and is a strong complement to our long standing endorsement as the official playing surface of USA Team Handball.” – Robert Dougherty, SnapSports. SnapSports multi-patented Indoor BounceBack Shocktower® surfacing is engineered to accommodate aggressive play, provide unmatched traction and durability, and meet the unique demands of the sport of Handball. SnapSports exclusive ShockTower® Technology ensures a consistent playing surface; excellent coefficient of friction designed to keep the surface in place, and is guaranteed to reduce the impact on athletes’ joints and limbs by being engineered specifically with performance and safety in mind.