The Perfect Outdoor Sports Surface Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Your backyard court’s athletic surface should reflect your needs and help you achieve your goals, whether that’s training for your next championship game or simply creating a place for your family and their friends to pass the time playing the sports that they love. We offer an array of outdoor sport tiles here at SnapSports, and they all contribute to different aspects of improving your game both physically and mentally. We want to give you peace of mind knowing that the athletic surface you choose will stand the test of time, as well as feel better than anything you’ve ever played; quality is our game, and we never settle for less.


Working in collaboration with players of all levels, we developed a new material formulation specifically for Pickleball courts. This patent pending polymer provides increased grip for the Pickleball and more traction for the players. The high-grip surface gives better ball bounce, more consistency, and better traction in damp conditions.


There’s no better outdoor sports surface than one suited for play no matter the weather conditions; it should be up to you to decide when it’s time for a break, not mother nature. Duracourt’s open top design allows for immediate drainage during wet weather conditions, allowing for safe play in the rain. Additionally, Duracourt utilizes no adhesives, anchoring, and doesn’t require the use of any tools, making it one of the easiest outdoor sports surface options to maintain.

Outdoor Revolution®

The king of multi-sport performance, aka SnapSports Outdoor Revolution, is an outdoor sports surface like no other. This athletic surface utilizes a rigid spine and patented ShockLock locking system, offering unreal lateral stability for safe and steady play. Whether you play tennis or basketball, this surface can withstand even the most competitive sports environments and weather conditions alike.