Heavy-duty outdoor courts, and indoor gym floors

Athletic Surfaces Designed Specifically For The Demands Of Commercial Volleyball Courts

When attacking from the ground or lifting off for a spike, top volleyball players should be thinking about the ball, not the surface beneath them. Our volleyball courts have proven themselves time and again as safe, high-performance surfaces. Keep those digs and jumps coming!

Play on our commercial volleyball flooring and see why SnapSports is the leader in gymnasium and stadium flooring systems. Built to last, SnapSports commercial volleyball courts are a great choice for existing gym resurfacing in schools or recreation centers as they are easy to install and cost a lot less than solid wood floors.

Outdoor Volleyball

Move your game off the grass or out of the sand and attack it on a SnapSports outdoor volleyball surface. Our exclusive multi-patent sports flooring is engineered to reduce the risk of injuries, our surfaces serve it up and perform at every skill level.

Indoor Volleyball

Preferred by the International Volleyball Festival Championships for its outstanding multi-patented technology and favored by thousands of athletes for its superior performance; SnapSports indoor sport surfaces provide the effectiveness you need for serious competition.

We could not be happier with SnapSports 50-50 tiles with ShockTower. We found the installation was faster and easier due to the superior design of your locking mechanism. In fact, we did not have a single lock break and that is unheard of with the other tiles. The integrated ShockTower eliminated the need for cushion underlayment so this also made the installation faster and provided perfect cushion for the athletes. The athletes and coaches loved the huge tiles and commented on how much better it was for playing on. From an aesthetic standpoint, they made my tournament look classier and more professional.
~ Randy Dagostino – Tampa Volleyball Events/Big South


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