From Backyard Pickleball to Basketball, Our Courts Are Perfect For An Array Of Backyard Sports

A backyard court should be something that can be used for a number of backyard sports, which is why we offer unmatched versatility when it comes to our surface options. Whether you’re looking for the best athletic surface for futsal, or you want the safety and swagger that a traditional concrete basketball court can’t offer, you can rest assured that you’ll find just what you’re looking for here at SnapSports. Check out the different sports we cover below to learn more about how our surfaces stand out from the competition, and how they help elevate their respective sport(s).


For the jack-of-all-trades, the sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between, our multi-sport flooring is engineered to alternate between any sport. Whether you’re setting up for a day of backyard pickleball or you want to work on perfecting your tennis serve, you’ll benefit from endless athletic possibilities. Multisport courts are also great for more mellow activities like jumping rope and even yoga (mats recommended!)


No matter your budget, no matter the size, our backyard basketball courts never disappoint. Our courts are fully customizable, with nothing standing in your way of creating the perfect basketball court, so go ahead and shoot your shot. Our low-maintenance, all-weather performance flooring is made to last, letting you enjoy more time playing on your court rather than keeping it up.


Backyard pickleball is what you get when you combine badminton, table tennis (or ping pong, as the kids say), and tennis. As you can see, it takes the perfect flooring to pull these elements together which is why SnapSports has fabricated our revolutionary PickleGrip material for a superior level of grip; this eliminates inconsistent and frustrating ball bounces, resulting in a more fast-paced and enjoyable experience.

Racket Sports

When you want to re-live your old Olympic daydreams, there’s no better court than a racket sport court from SnapSports. Racket sports are some of the most popular backyard sports today, and our premium athletic surfaces offer tennis players and backyard pickleball devotees the best grip on the market, rain or shine. Our backyard racket sports flooring is perfect for backyard sports like badminton, backyard pickleball, and of course, tennis.


Nothing screams summer like volleyball, but if you’re putting off that neighborhood tournament in fear of injuries, or even worse, having to play in sand, consider our top-of-the-line shock absorption court surfaces. Backyard sports don’t have to be dangerous, and our surfaces will ensure that your next volleyball game is as safe and still as fun as possible.


We know that not everyone has access to an ice-rink, which is why we are a proud advocate for the next best thing: inline hockey. Our easy-to-use modular flooring provides incredible durability and smooth skate-ability for even the most intense matches or practice sessions. SnapSports athletic flooring is the go-to option for hockey variants such as inline, field, floor, and street hockey.


A more intense variant of traditional soccer, futsal requires a smaller court with a hard surface, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice safety and killer aesthetics. Our Revolution sports flooring is the perfect option for futsal players, offering vertical and lateral shock absorption for reinforced player safety, and low annual maintenance for those that just want to focus on practicing their skill moves.


If kicking a ball around isn’t your thing, you might look to build a court suitable for handball. This fast and high-scoring game is not one of the most traditional backyard sports, but its competitive characteristics definitely turn some heads. SnapSports Classic XL flooring is a perfect multi-sport option, offering a shock response layer and seamless design for quick and consistent play.