Premium Commercial Courts For The Highest Level Of Competition

The fiercest competitions require only the best when it comes to athletic surfaces. The commercial court options at SnapSports are designed for maximum performance, durability, comfortability, and safety, and you’ll never get anything less than optimal. From rec centers to stadiums alike, the type of flooring that you choose matters and will ultimately affect every athlete that steps foot on your court. From basketball to handball, our premium commercial court options will bring the most out of each game and practice session, guaranteeing a rewarding athletic experience across the board. Take a look at the various sports that our commercial courts cover and get ready to discover why SnapSports athletic surfaces are used around the world.


When you need to host a collection of sports, you’re going to want to shoot for versatility, and it doesn’t get more diverse than our multipurpose commercial courts. These top-of-the-line athletic surfaces are designed to switch between sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and inline hockey, keeping you prepared for whatever twist comes your way.


No court in the world will give your athletes the traction, ball control, and shock absorption that our commercial courts offer. Safety and performance are staples in our commercial court formula, and our patented technologies like ShockLock and ShockTower are what keeps us the top choice among athletes, coaches, and facility managers around the globe. If you want the prime feel of a hardwood court with added features, look no further than SnapSports commercial courts.


You’ll more than likely find that many parks, rec centers, and even apartment complexes are beginning to incorporate pickleball commercial courts into their facilities. This is because it is a game suited for all ages and athletic abilities, which is in turn causing it to rise in popularity. Our pickleball commercial courts make the game that much more accessible by providing reduced ball skid and consistent bounce via our patent pending PickleGrip technology.

Racket Sports

Not every facility can afford, in money and time, to pay for and maintain traditional grass and clay racket sport athletic surfaces. Here at SnapSports, we have come up with commercial court options that don’t sacrifice the performance that traditional courts provide, and in fact build on them to give athletes a more complete and reliable athletic experience. Our commercial courts never crack, provide excellent ball performance, and require little maintenance, making them the perfect option for a variety of facilities.


Volleyball requires its athletes to dive for the ball throughout most of the sport, which is why safety is a priority when it comes to our volleyball commercial courts. Our multi-patent volleyball sports flooring is designed to reduce the risk of injury, all the while improving performance for high-intensity gameplay.


Inline hockey is not only physically demanding for its athletes, but it also leads to more wear and tear on athletic surfaces due to the nature of the equipment and movements performed through the game itself. Our commercial court flooring options are incredibly durable and can take a thrashing from even the most intense inline hockey games and practice sessions, without sacrificing safety or performance.


A variation of the most played sport in the world, Futsal requires smooth and sleek surfaces for optimal performance. Our commercial courts offer futsal players consistent ball speed, unbelievable traction, and optimal safety for uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, our SnapSports surfaces are also approved by the United States Futsal Federation (USFF), making them both national and international court options.


Handball is another sport that requires an athletic surface that can absorb shock to reduce the chance of injury for its players. Luckily, our commercial court flooring options are perfect for even the most physically demanding sports, and in this case are the exclusive flooring option for the USA Team Handball, the governing body of Handball in the United States.

Our Commercial Sports Clients Include:
  • AAU
  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • Gus Macker
  • International Volleyball Festival
  • JCC
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • NABC
  • NBA All-Star Jam Session
  • NBA House
  • NBA Legends Player Summit
  • NBA Nation
  • Salvation Army
  • US Futsal Federation
  • US Team Handball
  • Veterans National Wheelchair Games
  • Winter Special Olympics
  • World Police and Fire Games
  • YMCA