Backyard Court For Any Sport And Anyone

At SnapSports, we believe that everyone should have access to a quality athletic surface, no matter your athletic level; sports aren’t just for the pros, and they can oftentimes generate crucial family bonding moments. Our backyard courts offer nothing but the best in terms of performance and safety and cover a variety of sports for unrivaled versatility. From basketball to volleyball, there is hardly a residential sport that we don’t cover, and homeowners everywhere can experience a court akin to that which the pros play on. So, if you’re ready to become the hub for Friday night pickup games, check out the various game court options we offer and how they can help uplift your favorite sports for maximum safety, performance, and most importantly, enjoyment.

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The beauty of our multipurpose backyard courts is that you can convert them between a variety of sports. Whether you fancy a game of futsal or want to play some 3-on-3 basketball pickups, there’s no limit on the athletic possibilities that come with owning a SnapSports multi-court. With both indoor and outdoor versions available, there’s an option for every athlete and sports enthusiast.

home courts


No matter your budget, no matter the size, our basketball athletic surface options are tailored for all. Practice like the pros and elevate your game with our durable and fully customizable backyard courts. Added premium safety and performance features are available for the most serious athletes and sports fanatics to make every play session unique.


Unique, engaging, and requiring more athleticism than you might think, pickleball requires a special athletic surface to be enjoyed at its fullest; luckily, SnapSports has created just that. Our proprietary PickleGrip material provides superior grip for consistent bounces, assisting the game flow and resulting on hours of fun.

Racket Sports

Some of the most intense residential sports, racket sports require a premium performance athletic surface to keep up with high levels of play. From our DuraCourt to our Outdoor Revolution game court, you need a lively surface that can offer grade-A grip in any weather condition, as well as court options that will keep your game flowing smoothly.


Volleyball can be an extremely physically demanding sport, even if you’re playing a friendly match against your friends and family on a backyard court. Our durable and customizable volleyball game court options make the game safer and more enjoyable all around.


Modular flooring tiles are the best option when it comes to quick-sports like inline hockey, which requires durability, safety, and smooth skate-ability. Our modular athletic flooring options at SnapSports are built to withstand even the most intense sports and provide optimal safety and performance for residential use.

We researched 6 different ‘Court’ companies and consulted with several sales representatives. SnapSports far exceeded all the others with product knowledge and willingness to personally meet and work with us. Your diligence and timely assistance, along with the fact you patiently answered all of our questions and provided numerous court designs and layouts for our approval made our choice a simple one.
~ J. & M. Gray – Mauston, WI