The highest-quality American made sport flooring in the world.

Our story begins about 40 years back, right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founder Dan Kotler wanted to conceive a space in which families across the globe could enjoy their favorite sports in the comfort of their own home. With safety, performance, and ingenuity in mind, Kotler ultimately engineered the brilliant, yet simple idea that we now know as the family-operated powerhouse in sports flooring products, SnapSports. Made in the USA but built for international enjoyment, we have dominated the game court industry for over four decades, developing the most advanced and safe sports flooring options anywhere in the world, all of which are manufactured in our 160,000 square-foot ISO 9001:2015 quality certified facility right here in the Beehive State.

From The Family That Created An Industry

The Family of SnapSports created an industry nearly four decades ago. No company has more hands-on experience within the management team than that of SnapSports, we are the originators of the outdoor backyard court industry you see today and the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring for residential and commercial applications.
With SnapSports, you can be assured you are getting the most advanced modular sports surfacing and sports components available on the planet today. With 33 patents and over 480 claims, there is no other company that can deliver you the level of performance and player safety than us.
We are a family owned and operated company that produces the highest quality USA made products. Unlike many other companies within the industry, we are completely in-house from engineering and building our own molds, manufacturing all of our flooring products, to our expert SnapSports authorized expert court building dealer network that offers turnkey installations. We are proud to be a 100% American made sports flooring company.


Snap Family Facts™

Nearly four decades ago, Dan Kotler had the idea to create a space in family backyards where everyone could safely enjoy all of their favorite sports. That simple, but brilliant idea has grown into the game court industry you see today. Dan who sold his company and retired in the mid ’90s, often comes by SnapSports to see his family and long time friends to share his ideas, unmatched knowledge, and a few laughs who have been there since the beginning.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah—the team at SnapSports has been engineering, manufacturing and providing the world’s leading outdoor multi-courts, basketball courts and modular sport surfaces for nearly four decades! As the pioneers of the modular sports surfacing and outdoor multi-court industries you play on today, the family at SnapSports continues to develop the most advanced, multi-patented modular sport surfacing and outdoor multi-courts for top athletes the world over. With unparalleled experience and a high performance product line, SnapSports is the industry’s undisputed champion. SnapSports manufactures 24/7, in a 160,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 quality certified facility in Salt Lake City, UT, and is supported by an authorized global network. SnapSports is a family owned and operated company.

Made In The U.S.A.

Quality is important to us, and crucial for the integrity and enjoyability of our American made sport flooring. This is why we manufacture and produce every SnapSports athletic surface here at home. We want to show athletes around the world what the USA can bring to the table when it comes to international sports flooring options, and we’re proud of our 100 percent in-house process, which includes everything from engineering and building our own molds, to providing a one-of-a-kind professional installation experience through our expert SnapSports authorized court building dealer network. You can play in confidence knowing that any of our court options you decide to go with will always be 100 percent made in the USA, and crafted with care, precision, performance, and safety in mind.


Mark Pietropola

Great people to work with. We put in two courts for Basketball/Futsal/Volleyball and they sent their installers which was perfect. Had an issue with timing and they were able to accommodate coming 2 days later. Love the product. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

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Brett Bennett

The team at SnapSports was great to work with. They helped me get a court designed that was perfect for my family and fit exactly where we needed it. The court turned out perfect. My son said, "its the coolest thing ever." Also got lucky and they were able to install it about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Can't wait to get years of use out of this.

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Allison Steed

This is our second court with Snap Sports, and we LOVE it. They are great to work with and they truly take care of their customers. The court is beautiful and our family is on it daily. Thank you!

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