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Why this SnapSports® indoor pickleball, volleyball, and basketball gym is the height of luxury at Soleil Lofts Apartments

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

What did a SnapSports® indoor pickleball court plus basketball and volleyball court net Soleil Lofts Apartments? Happy tenants and fast-moving entertainment.

Professional Pickleball player and SnapSports brand ambassador, Tyler Loong, took to the courts recently to test our impressive new multi-sport gym at the ultra-modern Soleil Loft Apartments. This unique complex in Herriman, Utah promises luxurious amenities and the indoor courts live up to that promise; the 7,100 square-foot gym is stunning!

SnapSports announced our first surface engineered for indoor pickleball flooring in June and the Soleil Lofts courts are a testament to our reputation. Just ask our pro, Tyler, who was jazzed to play some pickleball on the state-of-the-art multi-court. Tyler made some killer moves, including his signature “Erne” shot. He also shot some hoops with a good friend, where a striking 12-foot Soleil Lofts logo is the star of the center court. The addition of a volleyball court makes it a triple threat!

If you aren’t familiar with pickleball, it’s the fastest-growing sport ever! Some people have even started calling it the “perfect pandemic pastime.” Players everywhere are grabbing a pickleball, some paddles, and a few friends – all they need is a court! Add a basketball court (finished with our flagship Maple XL athletic surface) and volleyball options, and your residents and employees will never be bored.

You’ll also add value to your own game.

Apartments with indoor basketball courts and indoor pickleball courts are highly requested amenities that attract renters (and players)! The indoor basketball court cost is also lower than many amenities, including swimming pools. Plus, they’re a better long-term investment. People often lose interest in swimming, and the constant maintenance and upkeep cost of a court is much lower than a pool.

SnapSports all-weather surfaces are also safer, so indoor basketball courts and indoor pickleball courts bring assurance along with more bang for the buck. Pickleball courts manufactured by SnapSports are now available in our new Revolution PS (Pickleball Surface) with patent-pending PickleGrip™ technology. If you’re interested in adding an outdoor court, you’re also in good company there. is one of the many happy customers that made a significant upgrade to their employee campus with an outdoor court designed by SnapSports.

Overhead view of the multi-court with custom logo

Overhead view of the multi-court with custom logo

If you’ve never played pickleball yourself, the game is fun to play and simple to learn. Tyler recently provided a guest post, How to Play Pickleball, that covers basic rules and will ensure everyone can jump on and start having fun on the court right away. The most important rule, according to Tyler? Have fun!

Are you ready to schedule a multi-game, pickleball, or basketball court installation indoors at your property? Check out the installation photos of the gym at Soleil Lofts Apartments, or try your hand at designing a court.

Photos from the Soleil Lofts multi-court gym: Upgrades Campus with SnapSports Outdoor Multi-Game Court

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Internet retail giant recently contracted with SnapSports of Utah, the local authorized SnapSports builder, to complete a major upgrade to their employee campus. Overstock, located in Murray, Utah, was looking for a way to utilize a portion of their 19 acre corporate campus for a recreational and fun space for their 1500+ employees.

After working extensively with SnapSports of Utah on design and location options, Overstock chose an easily accessible spot and a 50′ x 84′ full size outdoor court for their campus. The court is floored with SnapSports top-of-the-line patented Outdoor BounceBack ShockTower®. It sports the Overstock colors, a custom center court logo, two regulation 72″ DuraSlam basketball hoops and has game lines for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and various other net sports.

Excavation on the court began in September with the end result complete earlier this week. SnapSports is ecstatic to have been chosen to provide a cool court to a cool company who has a focus on the health and well-being of their employees. Like SnapSports, Overstock is clearly a company who also encourages their staff to “Never Stop Playing!”

SnapSports Corporate is a family owned company who has been manufacturing the most advanced technology in outdoor multi-courts for nearly four decades. The same surfacing used by for their court is used by families around the world as well as top sports organizations. SnapSports manufactures 24/7 in a 100,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 quality certified facility in Salt Lake City, UT and is supported by an authorized global network.

Photos of the Multi-Court:

Mozambique School Transforms Gym With SnapSports

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

AISM Retrofits Its Courts

The American International School of Mozambique got a complete gym overhaul, replacing the old stained concrete look with 2000 m2 of SnapSports® Indoor Bounceback® with ShockTower® flooring. There are four basketball, three volleyball and four badminton courts on the new surfacing, featuring a beautiful custom-painted AISM logo measuring 3 by 2.4 meters.

SnapSports surfaces easily install over existing flooring such as concrete, VCT, rolled synthetics, carpet or wood to retrofit a gym in as little as 48 hours. These floors are not affected by moisture or mold, durable for a variety of activities and require little investment and upkeep costs. This makes SnapSports an excellent choice for a variety of gyms the world over. Designed with an excellent coefficient of friction for athletic movement and our patented ReactivePlay® technology that gives an added level of “cush” to reduce impact on players’ joints and limbs, this is truly a flooring engineered for sports.

Photos from the American International School of Mozambique:

Why a Backyard Court is More Popular Than a Backyard Pool

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

What is a backyard court? Typically, it’s an area in the backyard where you have a concrete slab poured to the size of game court with a modular athletic surface on top for safer play, performance, and all-weather playability. There are several companies who manufacture and provide these surfaces, but SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces of Salt Lake City is the clear leader.

An outdoor multi-purpose court is much more practical than a pool, which kids typically stop using after a few years. Then there is the costly maintenance and constant upkeep with a pool, unlike a backyard court.

Typically with companies like SnapSports, you can easily convert your court from just basketball to include any additional sports such as volleyball, inline hockey, pickleball, paddle tennis, shuffleboard, and many other sports and activities.

So why are these backyard courts becoming so popular?

  • Convenience – What’s better than having your own custom backyard rec center?
  • Safety – You’ll always know where you kids are and who they are with.
  • Health – Promotes a lifelong habit of healthy sports fun

With the advent of these safer all-weather sports surfaces being adopted by not only families around the country, but top level sports organizations like NBA, AAU, FIBA, US Futsal, Volleyball associations and more, it is safe to say that you will see many more backyard courts in your neighborhood soon.

Recovering Your Gym After Flood Damage

Friday, August 19th, 2016

If your athletic facility incurred water damage from a natural disaster or major water main break, you may be looking a lot of missed games. With the long-term residual moisture following a flood, hardwood floors can’t be installed right away; your gym will need to dry out.

SnapSports can help your school, church, or athletic organization get back on its feet fast. Unlike hardwood, SnapSports surfaces are waterproof and don’t require expensive HVAC systems prior to or during the install, nor when maintaining your gym. Our easy-to-install athletic surfaces can recover devastated and destroyed gyms in as little as one day!

Key Benefits of a SnapSports retrofit:

  • Industry-leading expertise in court repair and refurbishment
  • Create a new floor or retrofit most gyms in 24 – 48 hours
  • Waterproof
  • All-weather courts for year round use
  • High level sports performance for tenis, basketball, futsal, handball, hockey, volleyball, and more
  • Five indoor and three outdoor surface families available
  • Suspended cushion for player and user safety
  • Excellent coefficient of friction for athletic movement
  • Low initial investment and annual upkeep costs
  • Covers unsightly cracks, stains, wear, and puddles
  • Free-floating — no anchors or adhesives required
  • No need for moisture barriers or expensive subsurface sealants
  • Numerous color and design options
  • Custom logos, graphics and line designs available
  • 16-Year warranty
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA

“I could not believe the transformation over the weekend. The best thing about it was we didn’t have to cancel P.E. classes or the JV game on Monday.”

~ Mike Smith – Head Basketball Coach at Summit High School


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