• Closeup of the 3 by 2.4 meter American International Mozambique logo on the new flooring.

Mozambique School Transforms Gym With SnapSports

AISM Retrofits Its Courts

The American International School of Mozambique got a complete gym overhaul, replacing the old stained concrete look with 2000 m2 of SnapSports® Indoor Bounceback® with ShockTower® flooring. There are four basketball, three volleyball and four badminton courts on the new surfacing, featuring a beautiful custom-painted AISM logo measuring 3 by 2.4 meters.

SnapSports surfaces easily install over existing flooring such as concrete, VCT, rolled synthetics, carpet or wood to retrofit a gym in as little as 48 hours. These floors are not affected by moisture or mold, durable for a variety of activities and require little investment and upkeep costs. This makes SnapSports an excellent choice for a variety of gyms the world over. Designed with an excellent coefficient of friction for athletic movement and our patented ReactivePlay® technology that gives an added level of “cush” to reduce impact on players’ joints and limbs, this is truly a flooring engineered for sports.

Photos from the American International School of Mozambique: