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SnapSports Kicks Off Spring at US Futsal Northwest Regional

‘Tis the season for snow melt, sunny skies, and blooming flowers. It’s also the season for US Futsal to kick into high gear. Following a successful showing at the Northeast Regional in Wildwood, New Jersey, the road to the US Futsal National Championship continued with the US Futsal Northwest Regional Championship in San Jose, California. All games, tournaments, and championships are played on 67,000 square feet of SnapSports Indoor BounceBack with ShockTower technology.

With a decade-long partnership still going strong, we know why US Futsal chose us.

Our SnapSports BounceBack sports surfacing with ShockTower Technology is the only surface on the modular market which offers a built-in shock absorption system. The benefits of this surface choice are many. Most, if not all, US Futsal tournaments and events travel and are held in convention or event centers in various cities. Typically, any portable surface set on concrete requires something underneath. BounceBack eliminates the need for using a rubber underlayment, making for a much faster assembly and disassembly, saving time and labor costs. For top US Futsal officials, an even more important concern is athlete safety. US Futsal tournaments feature athletes of all ages and levels competing for several hours a day running, jumping, and performing various other high-impact movements.  SnapSports ShockTower technology gives an added “cush” to the floor—reducing impact upon contact with the surface and protecting joints. For an organization like US Futsal that experiences exponential growth each year, player safety and tournament economics are at the top of the list when choosing a sports surfacing partner.

About Futsal

Futsal (derived from a combination of the Spanish or Portuguese words for soccer and indoor) began as 5-a-side soccer in Uruguay in 1930. Futsal gained popularity throughout South America and Europe and was eventually founded in the US in 1981. Games are played both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls, creating the need for a durable, easy-to-transport, safe futsal surface. Since its inception in 1980, US Futsal has grown to include over 40,000 members, 90% of which are youth. We at SnapSports immediately saw the growth potential of the US Futsal organization and were excited to offer our expertise in the sports flooring arena.

As US Futsal and its tournaments continue to expand, we are looking forward to continually offering innovative sports surface products designed and engineered with premier sports organizations in mind.

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