SnapSports® 2014 Summer Heats up with the NBA In Sacramento

NBA kids shooting around at NBA Nation Tour

Kids taking jumpers at NBA Nation Tour

The summer is heating up as SnapSports® custom Outdoor BounceBack ShockTower® Basketball courts, traveling with the 2014 NBA Nation Tour presented by Sprint heads west; stopping in Sacramento, CA July 11-13. SnapSports is excited to be chosen at the official flooring of the 2014 NBA Nation Tour.  The 2014 NBA Nation Tour is the largest traveling NBA experience with an expected attendance of over 200,000 people. The tour will also have featured contests, clinics and player appearances aimed to please all ages and skill levels.

With an action packed weekend full of dunking and shooting hoops, the NBA needs a versatile surface that performs in all temperatures and climates making SnapSports® BounceBack ShockTower® the easy choice.

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