Palacio de los Deportes Chooses SnapSports® ReActive™ Surfacing to Replace Existing 20 Year Old Gym Surface

.Palacio de los Deportes Gym

The Palacio de los Desportes, home to the Barva basketball team, will be resurfaced using SnapSports Indoor ReActive flooring. Rodolfo Esquivel, president of the Palaciode los Deportes’ board of directors, said changing the floor was necessary because the venue has missedopportunities to host many events because of its outdated floor SnapSports offers the top ASTM rated modularsurfaces in the industry with exclusive patent technologies for superior performance and safe play. Arepresentative from Gramatech Company, winners of the bid to replace the arena floor, told the media theychose SnapSports surfacing because it is a certified manufacturer by international governing bodies ofbasketball, football and handball, therefore making the Palacio de los Desportes the most versatile stadium inCosta Rica.

Other factors that went in to the decision to use SnapSports included the ability to easily remove the surface fornon-sports events like concerts, the variety of color choices available and the cushioning effect of the ReActivesurface, which eases strain on players’ joints.

Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports said, “Palacio de los Desportes is a great example of how our flooring isable to create an adaptable space for numerous entertainment events and sports. The fact that they chose usmakes us proud. We continue to work hard to develop international certified surfaces and we’re excited to seethe fruits of our labor.”The Palacio de los Desportes was built in 1989 and is the country’s largest indoor stadium.

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