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SnapSports Releases Exclusive Pickleball Surface

SnapSports® Announces the First Outdoor Modular Sports Surface Engineered for Pickleball Play

Salt Lake City based SnapSports Athletic Surfaces has announced the release of Outdoor Revolution PS (Pickleball Surface), the much-anticipated innovation to their already successful modular outdoor court line. The patent pending Outdoor Revolution is the first modular system engineered specifically for Pickleball play.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. It’s a paddleball sport comprised of two to four players using solid paddles to hit a perforated plastic ball. Historically, the plastic pickleball did not play well on any modular surface… until now. Working in collaboration with Pickleball players of all levels, SnapSports developed a new proprietary material formulation that gives the new surface superior traction and bounce with an excellent angle of restitution. Research and development for Outdoor Revolution PS included an invitation for top Utah Pickleball professional Tyler Loong to play on the new outdoor court and offer his feedback.

Tyler Loong tests SnapSports new Pickleball surface: Outdoor Revolution PS

Tyler Loong tests SnapSports’ new Pickleball surface: Outdoor Revolution PS

“I was skeptical at first when I heard about this material, but after doing research I learned that SnapSports designed a product specific for Pickleball. After playing on the court, I realized what all the hype was about! I instantly fell in love with this court and is now my ‘go to’ when playing with friends and family.”
– Tyler Loong, Utah Pickleball Professional

Professional and recreational players alike are raving about Revolution PS.

The new outdoor surface system provides increased traction for an unmatched “grippy” feel, superior ball bounce, and does not require a post tension slab—making it easy to install a court over almost any existing subsurface while guaranteeing tremendous savings in cost. Revolution PS is also ITF Rated 5 (fast), making it great option for Tennis and any other outdoor racket sports.

“We have a long history of inventing and developing industry changing products over the last 30+ years and this new product is one of the most exciting to date. Revolution PS is an Industry Game Changer, literally.”
– Jorgen Moller, CEO SnapSports

Outdoor Revolution PS is the latest in a long line of athletic surface innovations from SnapSports. With over four decades of backyard court experience, the SnapSports team has consistently been at the forefront of modular court technologies, including ShockTower® and TuffShield®. SnapSports manufactures 24/7 in their 180,000 square feet ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photos of Outdoor Revolution PS:

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