How to Play Pickleball

Guest post by Pro Pickleball Player Tyler Loong

Have you heard that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport ever?

There’s a simple reason: it’s fun! Before you hop out on a Pickleball court, let’s go through some of the most basic rules on how to play Pickleball so that you can have fun instead of worrying about how to keep score.

Pickleball is generally played in a doubles format. However, there is the option to play mixed doubles or even singles.

Basic Pickleball Court Terminology Basic Pickleball Court Terminology

The rules for doubles are as follows:

  • Games are first to 11. The winning team must have at least 2 more points than their opponents to win a game. The team that wins 2 out of 3 games wins the match.
  • You can only score points when you are serving. If you win a point when you serve, you continue serving. If you don’t score a point on your serve, it is then your partner’s turn to serve. If your partner wins a point, they continue serving. If not, it’s the other team’s serve. Each team always gets at least 2 serves.
  • Your serve must be underhand and hit from behind the baseline. The serve must go crosscourt, clearing the opponent’s kitchen (non-volley zone).
  • 3rd Shot – When team A serves and team B returns the serve, team A must always let the returned ball (3rd ball) bounce before hitting it. The serving team cannot take the receiving team’s ball out of the air. They must let it bounce. After the 3rd ball is hit, anything goes.
  • While inside the kitchen (non-volley zone) you cannot hit a ball out of the air. If the ball bounces in this area, you are allowed to go in and hit the ball.

These are some of the most basic rules and by following these rules you will be able to play your first Pickleball game. Possibly the most important rule is: have fun!

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About the Author

Tyler Loong is a Pro Pickleball player based in SLC, Utah. At 28, he’s been playing Professional Pickleball for five years. His favorite shot is the Erne, and he is one of the few Pro players who plays left handed.

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