Snap Lock® Industries Converts to Energy Efficient Electronic Injection Molding Presses

Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring, continues to lead the industry in superior technology and green manufacturing processes with the announced acquisition of multiple, new, state-of-the-art, low energy electronic presses for their 100,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

These hi-tech electric presses dramatically reduce energy consumption with up to a 70% savings over the commonly found hydraulic type presses. With lower power consumption, the presses generate less waste heat, minimizing the need for powered cooling towers and reducing the heat released into the atmosphere. The new electric presses virtually eliminate hydraulic fluid from machine operations, reducing the use of fossil fuels and the environmental hazards that used oils present.

Using advanced technologies, the electric presses are also significantly faster, much quieter, and produce far more accurate parts. With the reduced heat and noise output, worker productivity and comfort are dramatically improved. Electric presses also produce about 33% more output in the same footprint of previous generation presses. Combined with the proprietary manufacturing processes of Snap Lock, makes for the highest quality modular flooring systems available throughout the industry.

“The level of technology in these energy efficient machines is just astounding. This coupled with the fact that we’re using less than half the power of the old machines, and the noise and heat are way down. Additionally, we’ve increased our production output without the expense of expanding our manufacturing facility. These are the metrics driving modern US manufacturing.” Jeremiah Shapiro – Director of Product Development

Global leading modular flooring brands manufactured include RaceDeck® garage floors, SnapSports® sport floors and outdoor game courts, DuraGrid® safety floors, SnapLock® portable dance floors and FastDeck® temporary event flooring.

“We have a long history of investing in technologies and innovation that keep us far ahead of the competition. With the addition of these new hi-tech energy efficient electric injection presses, proprietary manufacturing process’s, ISO 9001:2008 quality systems, green manufacturing and patent technologies, we continue to lead the industry with the highest quality modular flooring brands the world over,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO

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