SnapSports® Sports Flooring Receives EN-14904 Certificate Of Compliance

SnapSports®, the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring, has successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements to pass EN-14904 testing, the quality & performance benchmark for the European Union Standard on sports flooring.

“The EN standard was created to differentiate between various performance levels and allows flooring products to be developed for specific sport applications and meet a worldwide standard. SnapSports® flooring has been engineered for use in various applications and performance levels. Our indoor and outdoor Bounceback products can be customized to meet any performance requirement with our proprietary and patent pending shock tower system.” – Jeremiah Shapiro, Director of Product Development, SnapSports®.

EN-14904 standard clearly defines acceptable sporting characteristics for force reduction, vertical deformation, grip and slip performance expressed as a coefficient of friction, ball bounce as well as technical characteristics including resistance to indentation, rolling loads, impact and abrasion and other factors which affect the long term performance of a sports floor. SnapSports® has passed the mandatory Force Reduction, Vertical Deflection, Ball Rebound, Resistance to Impact and Resistance to Indentation requirements to successfully comply with the EN-14904 standards. There is only one EN standard ensuring uniform testing for athletic floors. This will result in less confusion and a set of criteria that can evaluate floor performance in a more uniform manner and creates a larger selection of floors in the marketplace.

“The addition of EN-14904 compliance makes a clear statement to our international customers about our commitment to manufacturing the top performance and safe play athletic floors in the industry. The team at SnapSports® strives continuously to improve our products, systems and engineer the most advanced modular sports surfacing in the industry, which is why we have emerged as the clear industry leader today.“ – Jorgen Moller, SnapSports®.

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