A Look into How “Fast 9” star Ludacris Balls it Up on his SnapSports Backyard Basketball Court

With Fast and the Furious 9 finally making its debut in theaters across the globe, it’s safe to say that Fast saga superstar Ludacris can finally get back to playing some well-earned ball on his one-of-a-kind SnapSports backyard basketball court. We had the opportunity to revamp Ludacris’ court a few years back, presenting Luda with our very own revolutionary backyard court technology, known as Outdoor Revolution.

A Look into Luda’s Custom Courts

When we introduced the Grammy-winner to Outdoor Revolution, he knew we couldn’t just stop at the basketball court; we also brought new life to his backyard tennis court. It’s hard to describe just how sleek the bright red, gray and black custom court looks, which is why we had to film a video to showcase the swagger these courts emit. And of course, Ludacris’ court wouldn’t be complete without his iconic “Disturbing tha Peace” logo to bring the whole look together. Right next to Sung Kang’s garage, Luda’s court is one of the most ambitious projects we’ve taken on.

Features That’ll Have You Feeling Like a Movie Star

You can’t let the stars have all the fun, especially when it comes to backyard basketball. If you’re looking to elevate your game, you can’t get any more premier than SnapSports. Our patented ShockLock interconnected system provides polished lateral stability, and our Unique Court Tensioning system (CTS) provides you with hours of safe and confident play. Additionally, our Performance Integrated Traction Surface (PITS) provides the best dry traction in the game, boasting the most consistent ball bounce across every sport.

The best part about our Outdoor Revolution backyard courts is that even with all these features, you won’t find a more seamless and eye-catching design out there; just go back and take a look at Luda’s court. Literal baller aesthetics.

Tej’s Take: Talk only goes to far when it comes to our courts; the rest is in the presentation. But in this case, we’d like to share some of Tej’s (AKA Luda’s) thoughts on SnapSports:

“To be honest with you, I couldn’t be more happy right now, literally because they came, everything was professionally done…”
“Its not too many professional businesspeople that are consistent and persistent in this game so I’m gonna be honest with you SnapSports, y’all are the elite, the premier in the game…”
“Nothing feels better as a man than to have my courts taken care of, be color coordinated…”

Think you can outclass the fast saga star when it comes to court design? Check out our court designer today and see just what kinds of visions we can bring to life.

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