SnapSports Residential Volleyball Courts Offer A Stable Durable Surface For Any Backyard

Play a friendly game of volleyball with neighbors or host a summer tournament for friends and do it all in your own backyard. Our top rated shock absorption surfaces provide a safe surface so everyone can play harder, longer.

With customizable options, our courts make playing volleyball more enjoyable. Our long-lasting volleyball surfaces are made for residential backyard or indoor use. The high quality sports flooring tiles are made in the USA and come with a 16 year warranty.

Design Your Court

Adjustable Net System

Quickly adjust the net height for women’s and men’s volleyball, tennis, badminton, or any other net sport you desire.

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Volleyball Surface Options

I know what they’re doing, I know where they are, I know who their friends are when they bring their friends over… Their quality and service has been fabulous.