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Three Generations of SnapSports® Modular Sports Flooring All Together at the National Athletic Business Expo in San Diego, CA—An Industry First

December 2nd, 2013

At this year’s National Athletic Business Conference & Expo, three generations of modular sports flooring were all together at the SnapSports® display, including Dan Kotler, the inventor of the backyard game court industry.

SnapSports the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium sports flooring and outdoor athletic courts, joined forces this weekend with three generations of the SnapSports family, an industry first.Dan Kotler, the inventor of the modular backyard game court industry was at the SnapSports booth with his wife Carol along with their grandson Adam (sports sales) and his daughter Kerry and husband Jorgen (Owner / Operators – SnapSports ).

“At the show today, I was happy to see amongst today’s corporately owned competitors, that a family owned & operated company can not only compete but clearly lead the industry, makes me proud of my family at SnapSports®.”
~ Dan Kotler – Pioneer Of The Backyard Game Court Industry

Over 40 years ago, Dan Kotler had the idea to create a space in family backyards where everyone could safely enjoy all of their favorite sports. That simple, but brilliant idea has grown into the outdoor game court industry you see today. Dan who sold his company and retired in the mid 90’s, often comes by SnapSports® to see his family and long time friends to share his ideas unmatched knowledge and a few laughs who have been there since the beginning.

“Today was fun having my son, my husband and my dad in the booth talking with customers about SnapSports and how it all began over 40 years ago.”
~ Kerry Moller – COO, SnapSports

SnapSports is the only major ‘family owned & operated’ modular sports flooring manufacturer world-wide. With over four decades of manufacturing experience going into every court they build, ensures customers are getting the most advanced sports flooring product on the planet.Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – The team at SnapSports® have been engineering, manufacturing, and providing the world’s leading outdoor multi-courts, basketball courts and indoor sport surfaces for over four decades! As the pioneers of the modular sports surfacing industry you play on today, the SnapSports team continues to develop the most advanced, multi-patented, modular sport surfacing and outdoor game courts for top athletes and families all over the world. With unparalleled experience and a high performance product line, SnapSports is the industry’s undisputed champion. SnapSports manufactures in their 150,000+ square foot ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified operations 24×7 and is supported by over 100 employees and an authorized global dealer network.

SnapSports® is the official sport surface provider for United States Futsal (USFF), AAU ‘Jam on It’ Basketball, Volleyball Festival, Special Olympics, AAU ‘All Under One Roof’ Basketball, Veteran Wheelchair Games, Colorado Crossroads, National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships, AAU ‘Big Mountain Jam’, World Police & Fire Games and USA Team Handball. In addition, SnapSports is an approved partner of the IHF and a FIBA Technical Partner, the world’s governing body for the sport of basketball.

SnapSports® Introduces New 50-50™ Sports Flooring

October 21st, 2013

The newest addition to their multi-patented sports flooring line, 50-50™, the largest high-performance modular sports surface in the industry.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing has proven that “Size Does Matter” with the introductionof their newest modular surfacing, 50-50™. Now the largest available module on the market, the 50-50 is set to be the pinnacle of indoor sports surfacing, especially for competitive volleyball at every level of sport.

“The 50-50 will have a huge impact in the volleyball world. A floor guaranteeing 70% fewer seams, will ensure a much safer surface for athletes during high impact play while continuing to exhibit the top rated performance SnapSports is known for. The ability to assemble and disassemble courts at a faster rate will also be a huge asset to clubs worldwide.”
~ Matt Williams – AAU Governor, Pacific District

The half meter (Sq2) size of the 50-50 guarantees over 70% fewer seams than any competitor sport tile, making for a considerably more consistent surface during competitive play. The largest module in the industry provides the fastest deployment of any suspended modular sport surface, a SnapSportability™ that is ideal for tournaments, athletic showcases, and non-permanent floors. Conformance to international play standards certifies that this product will be available worldwide.

The 50-50 is also available with SnapSports new dual-stage ShockTower® Technology, a full suspension floor system engineered with resilient shock absorbers within the sub structure. An improvement upon the first generation of ShockTower, the dual-stage shock provides a primary and a secondary level of “give” designed to reduce the vertical impact on athlete’s joints and extremities. In combination with the ShockLock® lateral impact technology, the 50-50 surfacing makes play safer, allowing athletes to play for longer without fatigue or injury.

“SnapSports consistently develops game changing sports products. We developed the ShockTower, an innovation greatly reducing the force sustained by athletes and eliminating the need for underlayment. Now, our newest product, the 50-50 surface, utilizes that ShockTower technology in the industry’s largest module. We see this product having great success in our International market and expect that many will find this far superior to the floors they play on now.”
~ Robert Dougherty – SnapSports, International Sales Manager

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces are the Official Basketball Courts for the AAU “All Under One Roof” Big Mountain Jam Tournament in Salt Lake City, UT

June 26th, 2013

SnapSports will deliver over 110,000ft² of premium Basketball Surfacing for the “All Under One Roof” Big Mountain Jam Tournament to be held June 27-29, 2013, in Salt Lake City, UT at the South Towne Expo Center.

For the first time, Big Mountain Jam will be run by the AAU “Jam On It/All Under One Roof” organization, in conjunction with SnapSports. All athletes will compete on 23 SnapSports multi-patented basketball courts, featuring the revolutionary ShockTower® Shock Absorption Technology that improves performance and eases impact to players’ joints and limbs during aggressive play.

Big Mountain Jam, an annual AAU sanctioned tournament, now partnered with SnapSports and presented by the ‘Jam On It/All Under One Roof’ organization, has experienced exponential growth over several years and is now one of the leading AAU Basketball Tournaments in the country. With over 400 teams and an expected attendance of 15,000 people, this event is experiencing explosive growth and is expected to continue to rise in years to come.

“Over the past several years, SnapSports has had the opportunity to participate in this event, as the Official Sports Surfacing. We are very excited to increase our involvement and co-host this year’s tournament with the ‘Jam On It’ Organization, one of the premier event organizers in the country. We hope to continue our involvement and build this growing event in the years to come.”
~ Jorgen Moller – CEO, SnapSports Inc.

SnapSports is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of backyard courts and indoor multi-sport surfaces. SnapSports multi-patented products are engineered with safety and performance in mind, to deliver superior traction, consistent ball response, and unmatched shock absorption. SnapSports patented ShockTower® Shock Absorption Technology eases the impact on players’ joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come. SnapSports floors are engineered to withstand competition at the highest levels, making them the top choice of coaches, athletes and facility directors worldwide.

“Jam On It and the ‘Big Mountain Jam’ are excited to return to Salt Lake City. Big Mountain Jam is growing every year and SnapSports is a big contributor of our success. The teams love these courts and the way they play; no other modular sport flooring company can compare to SnapSports. We are looking forward to an exciting, full week of basketball in Salt Lake City.”
~ Matt Williams – CEO, Jam On It/All Under One Roof

SnapSports® Official Sports Flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships

May 16th, 2013

USA Team Handball

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces is the official flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships, to be held May 17-19 at the Reno-Spark Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. SnapSports multi-patented sports surfacing is the preferred tournament surfacing of USA Team Handball and the top performing sports flooring in the industry.

The USATH 2013 Club National Championship is the largest annual Handball competition in the country. Teams from across the nation will diverge on Reno to participate in this championship tournament during the course of which, the best among them will be decided. The athletes will play at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on over 30K square feet of SnapSports multi-patented Revolution ShockTower® surfacing.

“Our Partnership with SnapSports has allowed USATH to grow both in popularity and organizationally. We have had the opportunity to work with other modular floor companies, but we chose SnapSports… their products have outperformed our expectations and we prefer their surfacing over others in the industry.”
~ Jeffrey Utz – President – USATH. USA Team Handball

SnapSports multi-patented Athletic Surfacing, the official surface provider for USA Team Handball, is the top rated sports flooring in the industry. Engineered specifically with safety and performance in mind, SnapSports products offer unmatched durability and traction while featuring superior shock absorption using the patented ShockTower® technology.

“SnapSports enjoys the continued opportunity to be the Official Surfacing Partner of USA Team Handball. Our multi-patented products provide the traction and control that are crucial elements in the sport of Handball. SnapSports surfacing ensures player safety and keeps athletes performing at their peak.”
~ Jorgen Moller – CEO, SnapSports Inc.

SnapSports® Is The Official Sports Flooring for AAU ‘Jam On It’ Las Vegas Desert Jam 2013

May 10th, 2013

AAU Jam On It Las Vegas Desert Jam 2013

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing is the official sports flooring of AAU Jam On It’s Las Vegas Desert Jam Tournament, set to take place at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy, May 11-12, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This AAU Jam On It tournament will showcase boys and girl’s teams, grades 4th – 12th, playing in this Southern Nevada Qualifying Basketball Tournament Series for the West Coast National Championships held in Las Vegas, July 18-21, 2013. The event will include a mix of teams, both local and out of town, and all teams participating in this series will receive a three game guarantee, with trophies and medals being awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing, is the top rated modular sport flooring in the industry. The multi-patented BounceBack® surface offers superior traction and durability, while the multi-patented ShockTower® technology uses an understructure composed of sixteen individual shock absorbers to offer superior shock absorption, easing the impact on players joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come.

“Our athletes love playing on SnapSports athletic surfacing. Teams can play upwards of a dozen times during an event and with the incredible structural support and “cush” of ShockTower, the players are never fatigued from floor impacts.”
~ Matt Williams – CEO, AAU Jam On It