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Why a Backyard Court is More Popular Than a Backyard Pool

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

What is a backyard court? Typically, it’s an area in the backyard where you have a concrete slab poured to the size of game court with a modular athletic surface on top for safer play, performance, and all-weather playability. There are several companies who manufacture and provide these surfaces, but SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces of Salt Lake City is the clear leader.

An outdoor multi-purpose court is much more practical than a pool, which kids typically stop using after a few years. Then there is the costly maintenance and constant upkeep with a pool, unlike a backyard court.

Typically with companies like SnapSports, you can easily convert your court from just basketball to include any additional sports such as volleyball, inline hockey, pickleball, paddle tennis, shuffleboard, and many other sports and activities.

So why are these backyard courts becoming so popular?

  • Convenience – What’s better than having your own custom backyard rec center?
  • Safety – You’ll always know where you kids are and who they are with.
  • Health – Promotes a lifelong habit of healthy sports fun

With the advent of these safer all-weather sports surfaces being adopted by not only families around the country, but top level sports organizations like NBA, AAU, FIBA, US Futsal, Volleyball associations and more, it is safe to say that you will see many more backyard courts in your neighborhood soon.

Recovering Your Gym After Flood Damage

Friday, August 19th, 2016

If your athletic facility incurred water damage from a natural disaster or major water main break, you may be looking a lot of missed games. With the long-term residual moisture following a flood, hardwood floors can’t be installed right away; your gym will need to dry out.

SnapSports can help your school, church, or athletic organization get back on its feet fast. Unlike hardwood, SnapSports surfaces are waterproof and don’t require expensive HVAC systems prior to or during the install, nor when maintaining your gym. Our easy-to-install athletic surfaces can recover devastated and destroyed gyms in as little as one day!

Key Benefits of a SnapSports retrofit:

  • Industry-leading expertise in court repair and refurbishment
  • Create a new floor or retrofit most gyms in 24 – 48 hours
  • Waterproof
  • All-weather courts for year round use
  • High level sports performance for tenis, basketball, futsal, handball, hockey, volleyball, and more
  • Five indoor and three outdoor surface families available
  • Suspended cushion for player and user safety
  • Excellent coefficient of friction for athletic movement
  • Low initial investment and annual upkeep costs
  • Covers unsightly cracks, stains, wear, and puddles
  • Free-floating — no anchors or adhesives required
  • No need for moisture barriers or expensive subsurface sealants
  • Numerous color and design options
  • Custom logos, graphics and line designs available
  • 16-Year warranty
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA

“I could not believe the transformation over the weekend. The best thing about it was we didn’t have to cancel P.E. classes or the JV game on Monday.”

~ Mike Smith – Head Basketball Coach at Summit High School


Before and After Images

“Epic” Sports Complex in Holland Floored with SnapSports BounceBack

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

In the town of Beers, Holland,  the small Dutch community came together to build a volleyball, basketball and futsal complex in its town center.  Featuring SnapSports outdoor BounceBack tiles, the courts have become the marquee area for residents to spend their activity time.  Needless to say, the people of Beers built the entire complex in under three days…

Echte Mannen Dragen Oranje!

Outdoor BounceBack Basketball Court

SnapSports outdoor basketball, volleyball and futsal courts in Beers, Netherlands

SnapSports basketball volleyball futsal

Another look at the facility

SnapSports outdoor basketball, volleyball and futsal courts in Beers, Netherlands

View of the perimeter of the courts

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces to be Featured on DIY’s Hit Series ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The Vanilla Ice Project

SnapSports®, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular sport flooring and outdoor courts, will be featured on the upcoming episode of DIY Network’s Hit Series, The Vanilla Ice Project, set to air Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. The episode includes a complete renovation of a backyard space with the install of SnapSportsbackyard multi-game court.

The Vanilla Ice Project follows the 90’s pop icon and his crew of contractors as they conduct a massive room by room home renovation, transforming the less than impressive space into lucrative real estate. Sunday’s episode of the hit TV series, now in its third season, will feature a full backyard renovation, replacing an old washed out tennis court with a world class multi-court using the SnapSports® patented outdoor sports surfacing.

“We turned an old, rotten and cracked tennis court into something new with state of the art technology. If you want the best, then this is the court for you.” – Rob Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice Project.

SnapSports® outdoor game courts are the safest and most durable outdoor multi-courts on the market. SnapSports athletic surfaces are Built for Life™ engineered specifically to withstand all the elements, throughout every season, while delivering healthy sports fun to families worldwide. SnapSports patented outdoor courts provide a versatile and seamless surface for a wide range of sports including, BounceBack® , DuraCourt®, and the BounceBack ShockTower®, the most shock absorbing outdoor surface in the world.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to continue our relationship with the DIY Network and the Vanilla Ice Project by having an all-star home court installation for this incredible backyard remodel.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports® Athletic Floors and Multi- Courts Official Flooring of the 2011 World Police and Fire Games

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The 2011 World Police & Fire Games, to be held August 26 – September 5, in New York City, will welcome nearly 20,000 firefighter and law enforcement personnel from 70 different countries who will compete in 69 sports. These top Police and Fire athletes will compete on the multi- patent SnapSports BounceBack® sports surfacing, specifically to accommodate high-impact aggressive play using patent ShockTower® shock absorption technology.

The World Police & Fire Games is the world’s second largest Olympic-style multi-sport event, having been held biennially since 1985, the goal of these games is to highlight the positive benefits of healthy competition and encourage athleticism and fitness in the police and fire community. Over 120,000 square feet of SnapSports® Athletic Floors and Multi-Courts will be in play at this massive sporting competition. SnapSports® Athletic Floors, are manufactured and designed for all skill levels and athletes, providing key benefits in easing joint impact and creating a safer playing surface for athletes, making it a natural fit as the official sports flooring, one of SnapSports’ primary goals is to encourage play and activity among families, and athletes at all ages.

“We are excited be the official sports surfacing of this internationally recognized event and look forward to offering our support to firefighter and police personnel worldwide, who compete and exhibit such stellar athleticism in these games.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.®

The 2011 World Police & Fire Games will respectfully coincide with the 10-year remembrance of September 11, 2001. The games will be supported by two powerful themes, of remembrance and gratitude, remembering those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and expressing gratitude for the support received from around the world.

“With almost 3,000 athletes registered to compete during the first week of open registration, these games are shaping up to be the largest ever. We are fortunate to have our partners, including Anheuser-Busch, Scott Health & Safety, SnapSports, Con Edison and Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield. They support the important work we are doing and without them we could not produce the Games.” – James Carney, CEO, 2011 World Police & Fire Games.

The World Police and Fire Games are currently the second largest multi-sport event in the world, surpassed only by the Summer Olympics. The event organizers for the 2011 event hope to with the help of their partners and supporters, make these games the largest and most memorable sporting event the world has ever seen.